Our Wedge pillow also known as “Tri-me”is a 3-piece product consist of a Triangle pillow that can be detach into a 2 piece for elevation adjustment and another 1 piece is shaped like a baby bolster for extra head and neck support for better comfort when laying

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Introducing our Tri-me wedge pillow, a multi-purpose pillow that can be used to provide the right support to your back and neck while laying down watching TV on your bed, as a back support while on the laptop or even reading a book. Apart from that, the Tri-me pillow also promotes a quick fix to any sleep complications related to health. Our Tri-me pillow will help with complications such as Acid Reflux, Sleep Apnea, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Sinus Problems, and many more.
🌝 “TRI” our Tri-me pillow only by WOWS 🌚
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200x120x15, 200x140x15, 200x180x15