Mission and Vission

"We, as human being spends 1/3 of our life sleeping. By providing proper sleep aid for the community and our next generations - they will build a better tomorrow.

WOWS mission is to educate and inspire healthy sleep, by providing top quality innovation in the sleep industry, yet fairly priced sleep products that are easy to get ,provides comfort for a healthy living and by giving back to the community."

The Organisation

We are not just any mattress brand you come across in the market; we are the makers.

Every product is developed from scratch; we produce, stitch, assemble, pack and deliver to your door step fresh from our factory to provide a stress-free experience when purchasing your dream mattress.

We value our customers first, by being a product of desire and not by choice.


With more than 50 years of experience in providing the right comfort to the furniture industry, we gathered crucial details from over thousands of foam grades to achieve the best quality and consistency our body desire for the best sleeping experience.

Our priority will always be the quality we invest into sustainability solutions in the equipments and materials used for our products.